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Our "Hack-A-Thon" is rapid prototyping event, featuring leading advisors from both the fashion and entrepreneurial sectors, designers & makers who will transform your idea into a reality in only 3 days!

October 2017
January 2018


Making Sh*t Happen Monday

A Monthly event series for serious hustlers!! Collaboration is the source to making sh*t happen. In order to MAKE SH*T HAPPEN we all need help, the right kind of help from a small group of sh*t disturbers who believe anything is possible. With amazing people at your fingertips you pitch your ideas in an intimate round table setting so you can get real feedback and advice to move that idea forward.

This is not the stand around and twiddle your thumbs kind of mingling event - that's not how we roll. Join us for cocktails, light bites and some serious making sh*t happen.



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April 2017


April 2017