Startup Hacks with Lisa Delorme of Rent Frock Repeat

Startup Hacks with Lisa Delorme of Rent Frock Repeat. MSH District - Fashion Startup Fund. Getting people to listen and take you seriously when you're starting out is a HUGE piece of launching a new startup - find out some simple hacks to get people to sit up and take notice. Lisa Delorme, Co-Founder of Rent Frock Repeat gives us the inside scoop.

Startup hacks you can't live without!!

We are so incredibly grateful for all the incredible leaders and sh*t disturbers we have in our community - it takes a village to be successful and we can't wait to share insider tips from the best of the best on how to make big sh*t happen.

Launching a new idea is one of the hardest things you'll do in your life. Battling your own nerves, going up against the nay-sayers and getting people to take you seriously. No one knows this better than Lisa Delorme - Co-Founder of RENT FROCK REPEAT.

Join us as Lisa shares powerful hacks they used to rock their startup:


Pop over and say hello to Lisa and her team at Rent Frock Repeat - They LOVE meeting entrepreneurs up to big things!!! 

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