How to Find the Right Manufacturer

How to Find the Right Manufacturer. MSH District - Fashion Startup Fund. Are you working with the right manufacturer? Are you trying to decide who is the right fit? Guess what - working with the wrong one is the most costly mistake you can make. Listen to our strategy session this week to help you make the right decision.

Be careful what you ask for

So you've got this killer idea for a product and you're now on the quest to find someone to make it for you - are you looking for a manufacturer?? Is there another option?

A manufacturer isn't the only solution - you need to be careful what you ask for and what you go looking for so you don't go down the wrong rabbit hole.

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Sasha Alexander to help her figure out who she needs to work with and how the heck you find them. If you are ready to find someone to make your product or you aren't sure if a manufacturer is right for you or you had no idea there were other options then you better listen in because picking the wrong solution will be costly.


Not sure what's the right direction for you? No problem!

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