Business Advice from a 6 Month Old

business advice form a 6 month old

A pregnant serial entrepreneur, quite the image right LOL! That’s where I found myself 3 years ago - this isn’t a revolutionary thing, entrepreneurs having babies so why were so many people telling me I couldn’t do it or just how tough maybe even impossible it was going to be to make this happen!! In the face of challenges you can either lay down and give up or you can stand up and figure sh*t out.

On June 17th 2015, a beautiful sunny day I emerged from one of life’s greatest journeys ~ I had become a mother to beautiful baby boy Jacob.

Baby Jacob.jpg

As I embarked on this journey, my mind filled with all of the great things I dreamt of teaching our little man ~ planning to fill his mind with sunshine & rainbows and his heart with love. While I drastically underestimated the profound impact having a child would have on my mind, heart and body - I was fully committed to learning and embracing this new me in all its glory, fear, exhaustion and love. As days turned into weeks I noticed that our life, although very different, raw & new, had become very simple and focused. All we had to do was be present, love, protect and nurture our little bundle of joy.


With Jacob 6 months old, I started to realize this had nothing to do with me teaching him and everything to do with him teaching me - I realized that adults over analyze and overcomplicate things that are very simple in life. A newborn doesn’t need much and the things they do need are instinctual for their survival - even though there were no words he was really good at communicating what those things were, I just had to listen - I had to FEEL. After a few weeks of training it dawned on me -  while things felt chaotic, uncertain and there was always a never ending list of things I felt needed to get done - There were only a few things that were required.


The business part of my mind had different plans - I scrambled daily to create new schedules and to-do lists, keep up with our team and ever growing & evolving business - I desperately tried to hold the business part of my life together as it once was - then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The lessons Jacob was teaching me weren’t just parenting lessons, they were invaluable life lessons. Life lessons that would shift the way I see and do business forever, lessons I wanted to share with all of you as a reminder on your quest for making sh*t happen!!

From Jacob’s heart to you;


1. Only a critical few things matter

Milk, Sleep, Diapers & Love~ THAT’S IT!! It didn’t matter what toys we had, or the clothes we picked or the mobile above the crib, all Jacob cared about was the critical necessities to build him into a strong, healthy, happy baby boy. The same goes for business ~ you don’t need to please everyone or sell everything or use every strategy. You need to remind yourself of your BIG IDEA and why you GIVE A SH*T in the first place. Your BIG IDEA is the only thing you need to be focused on - The more specific and targeted you are about the problem you’re solving and the customer you’re helping - where to sell to them and how to reach them will be become very clear & obvious. It doesn’t take a lot of things to make an idea successful, it takes focus and commitment to the right things. Remember it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the strategies and ideas that others are working on, in order to get started and do it right you’ve got to do it your way - a way that speaks to YOUR CUSTOMER & CREATES VALUE -  Yup, its that simple.


2. Listen to your GUT

Being a new mom I had NO IDEA what I was doing - screaming, poopy diapers, feeding times, more screaming, sleepless nights and endless barfing. It’s all quite terrifying, could I really screw up this little human being??? Sure there are countless books, I read them all, but there was no manual for OUR baby!!! NOTHING could prepare me for this, how to listen and understand this little person, how to bond & connect and how to not lose myself amidst all of this craziness. The only saving grace was listening to my GUT, my INTUITION!! Sure the first few days I couldn’t hear anything while my brain adjusted to this new life, but once I surrendered and realized I didn’t need to have all the answers and it was ok to be scared and unsure that little voice living deep inside my heart started to speak up - YOU’VE GOT THIS!!! A little voice assuring me that extra feedings were the right move, that little voice that pushed me to get outside and go for walks and the assurance that sleeping together with our new little family was not coddling but unconditional love that would carry Jacob for eternity. My gut saved me from the dreaded debate ‘AM I DOING IT RIGHT OR AM I DOING IT WRONG’ I’m doing it my way and that’s all that matters. Your GUT is always right, ALWAYS!!

It’s the same in business - No advisor, expert, investor or other entrepreneur can tell you what’s right or wrong for you and your business. It’s scary I know but never before in time has there been another YOU with the same passions, perspective or insights on the world so how can someone else tell you what’s the right way for you to do something?? That goes for life and business - if you’re thinking right now you can’t hear that voice it’s time to slow down and ask your GUT ‘Am I on the right track and have the courage to hear it when it speaks to you’.


3. You can only learn by doing

I’m a hustler, I didn’t get the title ‘Chief of Making Sh*t Happen’ from sitting on the sidelines waiting for sh*t to happen. However Jacob reminded me of the courage and strength of our own inner calling to do the things that matter to us most - no matter what it looks like or how you get it done. Jacob is a very determined little soul - at 6 months old he has his own ideas and he’s committed to figuring them out. From eating solid foods, to sitting & standing up, learning to crawl and taking his first steps. It’s scary for a parent watching them move through all of these stages - wanting to help them and hold them to make sure they do it right and don’t fall down to hurt themselves. Yet I noticed Jacob didn’t care what it looked like or if it was the right way -  eating solid foods and keeping them in his mouth, or his first few steps as he wobbled his way across the living room for the first time. Nope he just had these ideas in his mind and he went for it - no matter what it looked like in the beginning. Instincts and life guided him through these phases, but Jacob was the one to come up with ideas for how he would try it out, how he would get started so he could feel and experience all of these life moments. He just went for it, ALWAYS!! Trying new foods and spitting them out if he didn’t like them, Pulling himself up to stand and falling over because he had socks on the hardwood floor, Pushing off of the ottoman for those first courageous steps even though a crash landing was inevitable. Determined to figure things out, he did it his way with absolute certainty that he would figure out by mimicking us and not a care in the world for what it was supposed to look like. While I’m a doer and I have faith that the only way we figure sh*t out in life and business is by doing - it was a beautiful reminder to not worry what others think or what I think it looks like on the outside. The only thing that matters is that I’m doing the sh*t that matters most to me and i’m doing it with everything I’ve got - try and try again until it all comes together.

THANK YOU MR. JACOB - While I realize now that I had our relationship responsibilities reversed I am truly grateful for his love and unwavering commitment to our relationship even when I feel like I don’t have sh*t all figured out I’m confident we will manage this thing called life together.