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Hacking the fashion industry.


An innovation platform for people who want to build COOL SH*T.

COOL SH*T is...

  • Ideas that shake things up & create impact
  • Products that disrupt markets & challenge the status quo
  • Businesses that improve the lives of those who design, make and enjoy them

The MSH Way: A collaborative industry network that connects people and ideas to industry makers, retailers & brands to stretch simple ideas into extraordinary products. While providing the industry a source for innovative solutions and powerful game changing ideas that stimulate a new way of thinking and opportunities for growth. 

Welcome to the MSH Family we're a crazy team of dreamers, believers and disruptors dedicated to #MakingSh*tHappen and #BuildingCoolSh*t in the fashion industry. See how we make it possible at our Hack-A-Thon, Get what it takes to Make Sh*t Happen and if you're ready to get started sign up for your own Design Canvas, a proven toolkit designed to transform ideas into powerful products & iconic brands.

Did you miss us at our last Hack-A-Thon? Watch us #MakingShitHappen below. 



“MSH is doing things the right way, at the right time. Everyone need to be inspired, so not to fall into the dogma of others dreams and aspirations. MSH inspires this through action, not words.”
— Drew Green, CEO Indochino
The caliber of entrepreneurs & ideas that MSH brought together was very exciting. Alongside a powerful team of advisors with a breadth of knowledge & expertise.
— Abigail Slater, SheEO
The most productive i’ve ever been in my business - a MUST for every entrepreneur
— Joanna Griffiths, Knixwear
Toronto is ripe to shake up the fashion scene and MSH is the place to start.
— Steve Tam, Indiegogo

It's your time to make sh*t happen.